Members of the grotto organize a yearly trip to Belize in order to survey unexplored caves and locate new caves. The daily commute includes a 50-story rappel and hazardous atmospheres. Expedition members contribute to long running cartography efforts, rigging, hauling gear, and attending to basic camp tasks.

Exploring wild formations in Belize

Expeditions can be found near home as well as abroad.

Cavers in a deep alpine cave passage in Sequoia. Photo: Greg Roemer

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to some of California’s best karst geology. Members of the grotto visit many of the longest caves in California here to perform mapping and cave science as well as learn to be be better cavers in Sequoia and surrounding parks.

Long time SoCal Grotto member and recipient of the prestigious Lew Bicking Award Carol Vesely was interviewed for The Atlantic about caving in Sequoia.