Restoration Projects

Bat Habitat

Specific environmental conditions are necessary for bats to roost and flourish in underground spaces. Members of SoCal Grotto have worked for years to help create vital habitat for endangered bats.

Members of SoCal Grotto created flyways, bat gates, and venting solutions to help conservation groups, land owners, and bats.
Alan Rice, Grotto Conservation Chair, shows off the new bat gate he fabricated for MineGates Environmental, Inc. Alan mended a previous gate that had been breached.

Crystal Cave Lint Camp and Restoration

Cavers play an important role in protecting both a cave and its visitors by remediating trails and removing hair, lint and mud from delicate cave formations.

Tecopa Mines Cleanup and Work Trip

In 2022, Southern California Grotto assisted the Eldorado Land Trust with various cleanup and access projects in the War Eagle, Colombia, and Noonday Mines. Safe access was re-establish between two parts of the mines and many pounds of trash were removed.

Photo: Fredrik Farnstrom
Grotto members carried heavy ladders thousands of feet underground. Photo: Fredrik Farnstrom

Other Projects Include:

  • Clough Cave gating project
  • Providence Mountains projects
  • Yeager Mine gating