Cave Research

Cave Inventories

Members of the SoCal Grotto assist in taking inventories for many of the caves they visit. This work can include biological inventories recording species found and their locations, or inventories recording formations that inform us about the cave’s geological processes.

A tail-less whip scorpion called an amblypygi
Cavers in a deep alpine cave in Sequoia. Photo: Greg Roemer

Cartography and Restoration projects in the Sierra Nevadas

The Cave Research Foundation (CRF) has many ongoing projects in California which SoCal Grotto members participate in. They manage cave resources, provide resources to study caves, and promote the conservation of karst areas.

Hydrological and Sediment Studies

Cave scientists may measure sediment yields and rates of transport or use special dyes to trace stream pathways. These studies help us understand karst regions from many perspectives that can benefit cavers, climate scientists, and land managers.

Researchers resetting a sediment sampler