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    Ok, I’m totally putting this project on hold until we get better photo management software. It’s super annoying to have a billion non-content photos in wordpress. ~ Dav I’m currently working on photo scanning first. ~Dav Backstory Members have worked over the years taking and collecting club photographs. Annotation Project If you’re belong to the…

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    Current Stack Network Backups Stuff you should remember to do if you do this again:

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    SoCal Grotto (Capital S, C, and G. No space between So and Cal.) SCG Used internally only, and paradoxically on stickers The Explorer (Note Italics) Fonts: ???? Logos: ???? Examples for this page: Caltech Style Guide

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    Site Backstory: Mostly originally laid out by Dav with help from Cat. The previous website was mostly created and entirely hosted by Bern. Dav copied a lot of the prose from the previous site, but also updated and added when necessary. DB Backstory: Rich Collier got a DB from Scott Schmitz. Dav got the DB…

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    Welcome new Administrator! Here’s what you are responsible for knowing. Administration Editing